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The People's Platform

People should always come before politics. With this platform, I hope to make Malden a more inclusive and equitable community for all.

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A Welcoming Malden

Malden should be a community of opportunity for all those who want to work hard, raise a family, or express themselves individually. As a Gateway City, we are home to a diverse and unique community and should continue to strive for inclusivity and equity. We must continue to build a welcoming Malden and honor our proud past and bright future.

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Social & Racial Justice

No one should face unjust discrimination based on their culture or ethnicity. Everyone in this state has the right to equal opportunities and resources. I have filed and supported legislation that will put a stop to race-based discrimination in our schools, workplaces, and communities - including the historic CROWN Act. I have always and will continue to fight for all residents of Malden. 


Housing Affordability

Throughout the pandemic, it become even more obvious that rents and home prices were going through the roof. Many experienced homelessness. We must do more to invest in rental assistance, accessible homeownership, and safe and affordable housing for all residents. That includes a special focus on our seniors, veterans, and vulnerable populations. 

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Education & Youth

Our schools and children represent our future. We must continue to invest in our educators and students to guarantee that everyone has access to a great education and equal opportunities in the future. With the affects of the pandemic still being felt by many, I will continue to fight for our families and schools. 



I believe healthcare is a basic right and not a luxury. Everyone across the Commonwealth should have adequate access to basic healthcare.

It is crucial that we expand healthcare access for working families, seniors, and those that need help the most. I have filed legislation expanding Medicare and Medicaid coverage while supporting Medicare4All in Massachusetts.


Sustainability & Public Transit

Public transit is what connects our cities and towns every day. Sustainability is what connects us to the future of our planet. I believe that our future generations deserve to enjoy the wonderful parks and nature just as everyone deserves safe and affordable public transportation. I have worked with community members, City of Malden, DCR, MassDOT and the MBTA to improve our environmental policy and public transit.

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