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Vote Ultrino!!

Over the past few years, I've fought hard to ensure that Malden has the resources it needs to support our diverse community, that we protect and prioritize working families, seniors, veterans and our children regardless of their race, creed or gender.

During these past few months, this fight has become even more critical, as COVID-19 has exacerbated many of the issues that members of our community struggle with each day, and I have been proud to step up, and tackle these issues with the sense of urgency they demand.

Whether you plan to vote by mail, early vote, or vote in person on election day, I hope that through this fight I have earned your vote to continue our fight for a strong, inclusive future for Malden. It would be an honor to continue serving the 33rd Middlesex as your State Representative.

If you'd like to show learn more about my work for Malden please visit my website at


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