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October Newsletter

Fellow Maldonians, As the extended legislative session continues, we're still awaiting conference committee decisions on a few major bills on policing and economic development. However, we have been able to win some big victories in the past month! Earlier this week, the House and the Senate sent a bill to Governor Baker's desk that would make thousands of more Massachusetts workers eligible for additional unemployment funds. I was proud to join 100 of my colleagues in the House and Senate in support of this bill, and I'm glad Governor Baker honored the needs of our Commonwealth by signing this bill into law. Check out more about this story here. With just a week to go until November 3rd, I also want to take a moment to remind you to get out and vote! You can still vote early at the Senior Center (7 Washington Street) 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM today (Tuesday 10/27), 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM tomorrow (Wednesday 10/28), 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM on Thursday 10/29, and 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM on Friday 10/30! You can also vote on election day from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM at your polling location, which you can find here. Check out the updates below to learn more about the resources I've won for Malden, how I've been able to connect with and help constituents, and find resources you might find helpful as we continue to make it through these tough times together.

In the District

  • We continued to hold office hours over Zoom in October with great attendance! We'll keep this up in November, so stop in and join us on November 12, 7:00 - 8:00 PM and/or November 26, 10:00 - 11:00 AM if you'd like to chat about the issues that are most important to you.      Click here or save this link to join me!

  • Malden's Fire Department promoted 10 officers this month in recognition of their outstanding service to our City, also welcoming 5 new firefighters to the Department

  • The Ferryway School's Jennifer Hedrington was honored as the 2021 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year for her excellent teaching and mentorship of her students 

  • PLEASE TAKE THE COMMONWEALTH'S COVID IMPACT SURVEY TO HELP MALDEN UNDERSTAND AND DEVELOP SOLUTIONS TO THE PROBLEMS FACING OUR COMMUNITY. The survey will help your state and local elected officials better understand the problems Malden faces during COVID-19, and in turn, better advocate for the resources our community needs. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY!

Hearing from You: Starting this month, I'll be sharing some of the issues I've heard most about from constituents with information about how I've been working to address these concerns. Here's what I've heard most from constituents this month:

  • Rental and Mortgage Assistance and the End of the Eviction Moratorium

    • What I've heard

      • RAFT/ERMA funds are desperately needed and the application to approval timelines 

      • The eviction moratorium must be extended to prevent widespread housing instability and homelessness 

  • What I've done

    • Written letters, made calls, and worked with my colleagues to advocate for provisions to better protect tenants through the pandemic, particularly through the passage of the Guaranteed Housing Stability Act (H.5018)

    • Referred more than 25 constituents to local housing agencies for help applying to RAFT/ERMA and/or for other, more immediate forms of assistance in the last month

    • Worked with constituents and RAFT administrators to ensure that RAFT/ERMA applications are processed as quickly as possible

  • Other updates

    • Thanks to the overwhelming call from myself and other legislators to expand and speed up the RAFT/ERMA program, Governor Baker recently announced an additional $170 million investment in the program and changes to streamline the application process

    • To find out more about RAFT/ERMA click here, or contact my office at (617) 722-2460 for help with a new or ongoing application.

    • ONLY A JUDGE CAN EVICT YOU FROM YOUR HOME - No landlord has the right to evict you before court proceedings. 

    • The CDC issued an eviction moratorium order that is in effect until Dec. 31. In order to read the order, click here. In order to download the Declaration form necessary to prevent eviction under this order, click here.

Steve's Success Stories In each newsletter, we share a monthly quote from a Maldonian whom our office has been able to help in a time of need. With these quotes, we hope to showcase not only Steve's work in the community, but also show examples of the assistance our office can provide and encourage you to come to us whenever you need help!  This month, we talked to our friend and neighbor Latonya of Ward 7. "It’s been hard getting support during the pandemic. I know everyone, not just myself, is struggling to pay bills and just get by. While speaking with a few friends in similar situations, one of them suggested I reach out to Rep. Ultrino’s office, so I gave them a call to see if they could help with the problems I’ve been facing. Their office was the biggest support I could’ve asked for. In fact, the very next day I got a call, and my issue was fixed. Thank you guys so much!” - Latonya of Ward 7  Have a story you'd like to share? Reach out to Matt at Matthew.Walsh@MaHouse.Gov


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