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Malden Awarded $225,000 in Federal Grant Funding for New Fire Department Equipment

Early Wednesday, Malden was awarded $225,000 in federal grants for the Malden Fire Department. The funding, awarded through the Federal Emergency Management Administration’s Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) and the Fire Prevention and Safety Grants programs, will provide funds for the purchase of new portable radios, and fire and arson investigation equipment for the department.

The award of these grants was made possible by the cooperation and advocacy of Malden’s state and federal delegations throughout FEMA’s grant process.

“With most folks at home, we’ve seen higher call rates for emergencies, and it’s more important now than ever that our emergency services have the resources they need” said Representative Steven Ultrino (D-Malden). “I’m proud to have worked with our federal delegation to win these funds for the equipment Malden’s firefighters need to stay safe while they continue to save lives and serve our City.”


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