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COVID Relief Update 6-27


BOSTON- Representatives Ultrino (D-Malden), Donato (D-Medford), and Lipper-Garabedian (D-Melrose) joined their colleagues in the House to pass H.4802, An Act making appropriations for the fiscal year 2020 to authorize certain COVID-19 spending in anticipation of federal reimbursement.

This bill is a supplemental budget which aims to provide relief to cities and towns which have suffered as a result of COVID-19. This legislation includes funding for projects in various sectors of state and municipal government, including boards of health, public schools, and transportation. These appropriations are intended to aid the purchase of PPE and temporary medical staffing as well as to support local organizations trying to help families in need.

“I was proud to work alongside my colleagues in the House of Representatives to pass this important supplemental budget which will provide much necessary relief to many cities and towns across Massachusetts,” said Representative Ultrino. “The funding that the Malden delegation was able to procure for the city and public schools will be instrumental in providing critical health care services to our residents. In this very uncertain time, it is paramount to be able to have a strong safety net that can support everyone, including our most vulnerable populations.”

"It is vital that cities and towns get state funding for services desperately needed as a result of the Covid-19 crisis," said Representative Donato. "As a member of leadership, I was able to work closely with the Malden delegation to include the funding for Malden in this supplemental budget."

“I am incredibly pleased to have worked with my House colleagues to pass this much-needed supplemental budget,” said Representative Kate Lipper-Garabedian. “The importance of translation services for ensuring that public health resources are accessible to and effective for all Malden families cannot be emphasized enough. I am glad to be a member of the Malden Delegation with Representatives Ultrino and Donato and to be working alongside Mayor Christenson and Superintendent Oteri to speak up for the Malden community.”

Malden received funding for four separate projects in this legislation:

-Temporary staffing for public health nurses in the City of Malden: $75,000

-Temporary staffing for nurses in Malden Public Schools to work with COVID-19 related cases: $75,000

-Language translation services for COVID-19 related materials in the City of Malden: $25,000

-Language translation services for COVID-19 related materials in Malden Public Schools: $25,000

The bill also includes $350 million for personal protective equipment, $139 million in increased rates and add-ons for human service providers, $93 million for human service provider incentive pay, $85 million for field hospitals and shelters, $44 million for contact tracing efforts, and more funding for child care providers, food security programs, emergency housing, and a dedicated fund to address statewide efforts on racial disparities in COVID health care access.

H.4802, which has been engrossed by the House, will now move to the Senate for a vote.


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